Vocational Case Management


Vocational Case Management Services

Our goal is to facilitate a worker's early return to work in an appropriate capacity and minimize costs.

Our vocational case managers work closely with the worker, the employee, and their agents through collaboration with insurance companies, attorneys and health care providers to promote effective results.

Expert Testimony/Personal Injury

A personal injury case can result in disability and a loss in wages. Our Vocational Case Managers can review the limitations caused by a disability on an individual’s employability and wage-earning capacity. Our Vocational Case Managers use a detailed examination of the medical, employment, and educational records of our clients to formulate an opinion of the individual’s employability and wage-earning capacity.

Divorce Litigation

Divorce can be a difficult process to go through, especially when child support and alimony is a primary issue. Strategic Case Management offers Vocational Assessments in divorce. Child support and alimony is calculated using a spouse’s wage and unemployment can be a factor. Our Vocational Case Managers can determine earning capacity based on job skills, work history and education of the spouse. A Vocational Case Manager can save you significant money during the process of divorce by providing an unbiased assessment of your spouse’s true earning potential.

Workers’ Compensation/Long Term Disability (LTD)

Once a worker is injured on the job site and is no longer able to return to work due to physical or mental conditions, our Vocational Case Managers assessment will identify employment limitations, loss of wage-earning capacity, and provide a plan to facilitate return to work.

Labor Market Survey/Wage Earning Capacity

A Labor Market Survey is the process of gathering information regarding the local labor market in a particular domain. A Labor Market Survey is specific to the individual and the area, being based on work experience, education, job skills, and the geographical area. The objective is to confirm if the individual is qualified for the job and the likelihood of the individual being employed in his/her local labor market and starting salary expectations.

Job Analysis

Once an employee is injured on the job site, Our Vocational Case Managers can conduct a job analysis. They will assist the employer by facilitating a successful return to work in the regular duty job or in modified capacity.

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