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We provide a full range of services for cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of the injured worker, employer, insurance company and health care provider.

Catastrophic Case Management

Catastrophic injuries can happen at any time. Our Nurse Case Managers are trained to provide an immediate response, beneficial to both the adjuster and the injured worker, ensuring facilitation of the medical care required to return the injured individual back to work and a comfortable life.

Telephonic Case Management

Our Nurse Case Managers have contact with the employer, adjuster, and injured worker. The Nurse Case Manager will contact the injured individual and the physician to coordinate the care that is needed for quick and safe return to work.

Second Medical Opinion (SMO) Coordination

In some cases, a Second Medical Opinion or SMO is needed from a different physician. In this case the physician is typically chosen by the adjuster, while our Nurse Case Mangers coordinate the distribution of medical records to the second physician to get a diagnosis and opinion on the injured individual.

Rehabilitation Conferences

Sometimes more information is needed on an injured worker. This is when Our Nurse Case Managers will schedule a rehabilitation conference with the treating physician, to obtain information about the injury.

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