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Below is a list of frequently asked questions, with general answers. Because each situation is a bit unique we recommend calling us to discuss your particular situation. We offer FREE phone consultations for preliminary discussions on how we may be of service.

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What is your service area?

Strategic Case Management works with clients in the states of Louisiana and Tennessee.

What types of businesses and industries do you serve?

We have worked with a wide variety of businesses. Examples of clients' business sectors are restaurants, retail stores, refineries, warehouses, shipping centers, educational institutions, nursing homes, and more.

Do you have Certifications and why does it matter?

Our case managers have LRC and CRC Certifications. The top level answer on why it matters is that it is an assurance that you are working with a trained and competent professional.

When does it make sense to hire a case management company?

If you have an ongoing workers' compensation claim that is not advancing to a resolution you need help. Cases over two months old, workers that are failing to follow a treatment program, workers that are severely injured are just a few eaxamples of when you should hire a case management company.

What exactly does a case manager do?

A case manager implements a formal process with the goal of expediting closure on a workers' compensation claim. The case manager goes through steps to fully understand the situation, communicate with various parties to explore options, develop a customized treatment plan, and facilitate an ongoing collaboration to achieve satisfactory results.

What does it cost to hire a case management company?

The cost to hire a case management company will vary depending upon the amount of work to be done. When cases are not moving towards resolution case managers can usually save money for an employer by intervening to promptly close a workers' compensation claim.