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Our Case Management Services

We manage a complete set of services that faciliate proper worker care with a goal of closing cases quickly, minimizing liability risks and costs to settle workers' compensation claims.

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Local Case Management Companies
Local Service Provider

Strategic Case Management, LLC is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a field office in Knoxville, Tennessee. We are a local service provider for customized medical case management and vocational case management services. We enjoy in-person meetings to discuss developing and managing treatment programs that facilitate early return to work for seriously ill or injured employees.

Controlling Workers' Compensation Case Liabilities
Controlling Liabilities

As an experienced Louisiana Case Management Company we can control costs and minimize liability risks when managing Workers' Compensation claims. We manage and close claims in compliance with all state and federal laws, including HIPAA regulations, through On-Site and Telephonic Case Management Services, without cutting corners or causing legal problems for our clients.

Customized Workers' Compensation Case recovery Programs
Customized Recovery Programs

We are an independent case management company that develops cost effective,custom treatment programs for worker care, rehabilitation and recovery. Our goal is to close vocational and medical claims cases quickly, and thereby minimize the costs of your Workers' Compensation claims.

Friendly Persoal Case Management Services
Friendly Personal Service

Personal service is a hallmark of our company. We work closely with risk managers to help them understand the big picture, including recognizing the money NOT spent and the overall process improvements delivered by our case management professionals. We work to build long term relationships.

Vocational & Medical Case Management

Vocational Case Management

Case Management

We manage a formal, customized, process designed to expedite an worker's return to work and minimize time and costs involved.

Services include vocational assessments, medical records review, job analysis, job seeking and interview skills coaching, and much more.

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Medical Case Management

Case Management

We manage a collaborative process to deliver a cost effective resolution for the medical needs of an ill or injured worker.

We work with the affected worker and their family, health care providers, insurance company personnel, lawyers, and other specialists.

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