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We strive to close cases promptly to affect lower workers' compensation costs.

Strategic Case Management is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, based company offering vocational case management and medical case management services for any type of business in Louisiana and Tennessee.

Our certified case managers assist you in resolving workers' compensation claims. We develop and actively manage treatment programs that facilitate early return to work for injured workers.

We serve clients in Louisiana and Tennessee.

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Why Choose Us

Here are some top reasons we are hired:

  • Complete Suite of Services
  • Efficient Closing of Cases
  • Cost Control Specialists
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Experienced Case Managers
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Customized Case Management Services

Customized Services

We are an independent case management company that works for the employer to develop custom, cost effective treatment programs for worker care, rehabilitation and recovery. We also keep your company in compliance with state and federal laws, including HIPAA regulations.

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Control Costs of Claims Cases

Control Costs of Claims Cases

Our goal is to return an employee back to work and close the workers' compensation claim. This affects lowered costs for case management services to manage claims.

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Minimize Employer's Liability Risks

Minimize Employer's Liability Risks

We can keep your company in compliance with state and federal laws, including HIPAA regulations. We work to protect our customers from unnecessary liability risks.

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Learn about our case management services

Here you will find an overview of our case management services. This page has links to more information about medical and vocational case management. To learn more simply call us at 225-756-1651.

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